Ekow Blankson motivates the youth on Y Leaderboard Series

Ace Ghanaian actor and corporate personality, Ekow Blankson, has been the focus in this week’s Y Leaderboard Series as he spoke on his life path to motivate the Ghanaian youth.

He engaged listeners and host Rev. Erskine in an intriguing conversation on his upbringing, school days, career, and what he considers successful.

Ekow says he won’t describe his family as an affluent one. However, he had the chance to pursue a good education in Tema and later moved on to Adisadel College.

Creating the picture at home during his childhood days, he revealed: “Mostly we spoke English at home because my dad insisted. My mum, on the other hand, insisted that we speak Ada”.

As a student of Datus preparatory school in Tema, Ekow shared that he developed a passion for cultural, poetry, and drama activities.

“I realized that I found myself enjoying the creative arts more and it has lived with me ever since the days of class 2 all the way to Adisadel college to the university and it is still with me.”

Having progressed as one of the best actors in Ghana after identifying his talent, Ekow shared his set time on the Checkmate movie has been the best moment he has had onset.

The actor shared that the director of the movie, Shirley Frimpong-Manso contributed to the great moment he had onset.

“At that time, I was used to doing things my way. I was used to suggesting moves, suggesting delivery, changing dialogue when I thought it was right. When I got onto that set, I really got challenged. Here, you could find that the director knew what she was about and I realized that those were better than I suggested.”

Now serving as the Commerce Director of Africa Web, Ekow Blankson encouraged the youth in Ghana to always go the extra mile wherever they find themselves.

“There’s one thing the youth must know, they think that life is ‘let me just do anything because nobody is watching. But for everything you do, know you’re being observed. People watch all that goes on and that’s what happened to me”, he said.

As a family man, Ekow vowed never to be an irresponsible father. To him, his children are paramount in everything and as such he will do all he can to bring them up in the best way possible. He thus urged all parents to also prioritize the needs of their children.

Programs Manager of YFM, Eddy Blay, sharing his view on the interview said, “Ekow Blay is a household name celebrated for the many feats he has achieved in both the creative space and the corporate space. Anyone who had the chance to listen to his interview will definitely be much informed on different angles considering his experience in both the corporate and creative arena. We at YFM are very much appreciative of the fact that he made time to speak to the youth today.”

Source: Ghana Web

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