Central Church of Christ to restore hope to petty offenders in prisons

Takoradi, Dec. 31, GNA – Dr. Daniel Owusu Asiamah, Missionary of the Church of Christ has called on the youth to move away from bad behavioural patterns that often landed them in trouble or imprisonment.

He was sad that a chunk of the Prison population were young and productive youth who could have used their energies towards community and national development rather than a burden on society.

Dr Asiamah said, “I am really troubled in my heart to see such a huge population of youths wallowing in cell during our visit to the Sekondi Prisons and I believe something should be done about this as a nation”.

The Missionary, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said though the church had plans to pay for the fines of some petty offenders, families and the body of Christ must begin to be more responsive to the social, emotional, and psychological needs of children.

“As a missionary, I am planning to raise funds among the Churches of Christ, to see how we can engage the Prison authority, to help us with the list of prisoners with such backgrounds to enable us to settle such bills but that is not all… the youth need hope and we cannot continue to disappoint them.”

Source: Ghana News Agency

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