DDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, May 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG’s Africa-Ethiopia Water Cellar Project has yield impressive results since the first water cellar was built in Oda Nebe primary school in the country’s capital, Addis Ababa, in August, 2016.

In the past nine months, new water cellars constructed by XCMG have brought clean water for drinking and agricultural irrigation to schools, families and farms in several Ethiopian villages.

Tasew, a villager from the Kitcha village, grows lemons and oranges as a source of income. But the lack of water meant he had to travel 15 kilometers away every day to buy water for irrigation. Now, new water cellars under construction in Kitcha are about to change his life. They will give villagers easy access to clean water thanks to the company’s technologies that not only increase storage capacity but also keeps water sanitary.

“I’m helping the experts and construction teams to build our water cellars. Everything is in place; once the project finishes I’ll be able to expand the planting area. I’m very grateful for what XCMG and CFPA (the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation) have done for us, making life better with clean water,” Tasew told CFPA recently.

By partnering with CFPA and the office of Mrs. Roman Tesfaye, Ethiopia’s First Lady, XCMG’s water cellar project is bringing much-needed help to the country, where the most severe drought in 30 years is affecting every aspect of life. The company has donated 1.85 million yuan (US$ 268,743) to CFPA to establish the BlueDream foundation, and 750,000 yuan (US$ 108,949) is being invested to build 50 water cellars to accommodate more than 4,000 villagers and students in Ethiopia.

“The water cellar initiative is part of our ‘For Better Life’ global public welfare campaign, which consists of 14 precisely positioned projects that support education and community development. XCMG is fully committed to fulfilling our promise and contributing to social progress with the goal of making the world a better place,” said Wang Min, chairman and president of XCMG.

About XCMG:

XCMG is a multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company with a history of 74 years. It currently ranks ninth in the world’s construction machinery industry. The company exports to more than 177 countries and regions around the world.

For more information, please visit: www.xcmg.com, or XCMG pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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