Word of Life Gospel Church appeals to Police to enforce court order

Accra- The leadership of the Word of Life Gospel Church in Accra has appealed to the Police to enforce a court order directing a developer of a parcel of land situated at Okpoigono on the Spintex road to stop work.

Mr Emmanuel Anane Boate, the Director of the Church, speaking at a press briefing in Accra said the Church acquired the parcel of land and initially fenced it but realised to its surprise that somebody had pulled the walls down.

He said through investigation, the Church identified an estate developer behind the action and lodge a complaint with the Manet Police station.

Mr Boate said on November 3, 2017, the National Operations of the Police, called for a meeting involving those who claim to have interest in the land at the Manet District Commander’s office.

He said at the end of the meeting, the Police advised the Church to maintain peace at the site and pursue the resolution of the matters involved peacefully at the courts.

He said the Church took the matter to the court and won an interrogatory injunction restricting all developers to seize work on the land forthwith.

He said the estate developer ignored the High Court order and has continued to feverishly develop the land day and night with the assistance of some foreign contractors while surrounding themselves with armed land guards.

He is therefore appealing to the Inspector General of Police and his relevant commanders, especially its Spintex road commander to intervene and help the church get its land back.

Mr Boate said the 4.2 acre land, which is located at Okpoigono on the Spintex road in Accra was currently being developed even though an interrogatory injunction had been placed on it.

The church, he said, had chosen the peaceful path to resolve the matter whiles other parties involved were using tugs and other illicit means of encroaching the land which they legally acquired and registered accordingly.

He said the Church wanted to use this media platform to call for national discussion on the weak linkages between the Courts, the Lands Commission and the Police in the matter of enforcing court orders and judgement involving land acquisition and ownership in the country.

Mr Boate said the Church identified near disorderliness in land title documentation, unhealthy compromise of officials at the Land Title Office to sometimes alter titles to land with without due process of the Courts.

The Church identified slow processes of Justice delivery in the country, especially in matters involving land and the inability of the Police to swiftly enforce decisions of the Courts on land matters.

Mr Boate said the church believes that this case could be used as test case to send a signal to other people who are bent on using the back door to acquire property.

This approach, he said, is a wrecking mayhem and causing disturbance across the country.

Source: Ghana News Agency