Women encouraged to take up political leadership positions to enhance national development

Women have been encouraged to take up political leadership positions to enhance national development and also eradicate poverty related hardships.

The newly elected Gomoa West Constituency Women’s Organizer of the NPP, Madam Hikmatu Yahaya Idi stated these at the just ended Gomoa West Constituency Delegate’s Conference held at Gomoa Mozano to elect Constituency Executives.

According to her, women were also capable of occupying higher leadership positions as men.

“Going by the adage, What a Man can do, Women can do better and again, Behind every successful man, there is a Woman, tells a lot about women’s capability when it comes to Organizations and Management of affairs in every sector of the economy. Political Leadership is no exception so as women, we must strive hard to build our political parties,” Madam Hikmatu Yahaya Idi stated these when interacting with Newsmen and party faithfuls over the weekend.

She disclosed that she would lead a perfect example for the party to win the 2024 general elections in Gomoa West Constituency.

She thanked the delegates for her overwhelmed victory.

“The Leadership spirit in me is to set a good example of sitting front- and-center to speak up for women and to encourage them to do same. Hikmatu, will look for ways to shape women and children conversation. When a woman fall, I will give her a helping hand to bring her back to her feet.

“As advocator of women empowerment, I will strongly support women and the grassroots to help them benefit from every opportunity available to them. No matter who you are, it takes guts to chase after your dream, stand up against injustice or stick to your conviction especially in the face of adversity, different beliefs or ethnicity. I therefore encourage women to stand up to be counted.

“Women, especially deserve to be empowered to be capable of advocating for themselves to become their own champions during difficult times. In conclusion, I want to affirm as a woman the power in me to serve as a pillar of strength to Gomoa West Constituency and Ghana as a whole.

“I have a voice to be heard and to speak for the voiceless. Hikmatu will make great positive contributions to the NPP in the Gomoa West Constituency in particular by helping to mould our women and instill this character in them so that they would contribute positively to the party.

“We are women of class and of grace. We, with formidable strength and will stand shoulder to shoulder with our men to recapture our Parliamentary seat and subsequently win the 2024 General Elections. We must take center stage in all political activities and work together as a team by putting all hands on deck to achieve the needed results,” she emphasised.

In a related development, the former Central Regional Deputy Organizer of the NPP, Mr. George Alexander Sarfo was also elected as Gomoa West Constituency Chairman.

Source: Modern Ghana