Why leading entrepreneurs go by the advice of Brian Carruthers

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of an economy in many countries over the centuries. They create employment and bring money into the markets of the country.

With the ever-competitive nature of the markets, an entrepreneur needs a good mentor who could guide them to success.

Mr. Brian Carruthers is an entrepreneur who wants to share his experience as a real estate agent turned successful entrepreneur, and now an entrepreneurship coach and mentor.

Before entrepreneurship, he worked as a real estate agent when he was younger. While working as a real estate agent, he got an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life, which led to fatefully meeting some entrepreneurs who would become his mentors.

He learned that there are three forms of income, and that he was working for the wrong one all of his life. The first type of revenue is linear income, which you earn from trading your time for money at a business or a job.

The second source of revenue is leveraged income which comes from the efforts of other people, like a real estate broker earns when his/her agents sells

The third type is residual income where you expend effort/time once, and keep
receiving income from it indefinitely.

This can be achieved through some forms of investments or from some network marketing businesses where you acquire a customer one time yet get paid from automatic future purcahses.

Brian’s business model involves building teams of network marketing sales forces and guiding them to achieve their income targets.

He appreciates the guidance his mentors gave him and attributes most of his success to them. He is passionate about mentoring budding entrepreneurs so that they can learn, be independent, and successful.

He believes there are no shortages of opportunities to be successful.

New entrepreneurs need to work hard and use the setbacks in their journey as stepping stones.

Figure out what went wrong and take preventive actions or adopt a different approach. And don’t miss the blessing in these setbacks, because as a mentor you can turn around and teach others how to avoid or overcome them in their journey along your same path.

One must always focus on the end game because being a successful entrepreneur is difficult. It takes a lot of discipline, focus, and sacrifices in personal and family life. One needs to nurture strong work ethics and be consistent in their work for many years.

There are no such things as an overnight success; it is just the result of work put in for many years. People will doubt your ability to achieve success, especially when you are a new entrepreneur.

Just don’t let them misdirecting their lack of belief in their own ability to succeed affect your own belief that you will succeed. What they believe is none of your business, you have a business empire to build.

It is a good idea to pay attention to the advice given by Mr. Brian Carruthers.

Many established players in the field of entrepreneurship have used a similar methodology to achieve success, and Brian has a long line of success stories behind his tutelage.

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Source: Ghana Web

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