We’ve begun the process to bring road tolls back – Roads Minister

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The Ministry of Roads and Highways has announced its efforts to engage key stakeholders in a bid to finalize the reintroduction of road tolls, which were halted in 2021.

According to the Roads Minister, Francis Asenso-Boakye, the reinstatement of tolls is crucial for generating the funds needed to repair and maintain the country’s deteriorating roads.

The cessation of toll collection, effective November 18, 2021, was initially implemented to alleviate traffic congestion at toll booths and in anticipation of the e-levy.

This move, however, received mixed reactions from the public.

Speaking on the current initiative, the Roads Minister emphasized the necessity of reintroducing tolls to secure funding for road maintenance.

‘[Road] maintenance also means money. In many countries, they use the tolls that they collect from road tolls to finance maintenance.

‘But in our case, we have suspended it, and I think it is a good time for us to start the discussion to bring these road tolls back and get money to maint
ain our roads,’ he said.

Highlighting the importance of stakeholder engagement in this process, the minister added, ‘That is very important, and we have started the process by engaging the various stakeholders to get their buy-in to make sure that we bring the road tolls back.’

Source: Ghana Web