We want a Ga-Dangme to be Ashaiman MCE – Council

The Divisional Council and the Ga-Dangme Movement of Ashaiman have reiterated their appeal to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to select a Ga-Dangme as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ashaiman.

The appeal was made in a statement read by Mr Ebenezer T. Amanor, the Chairman of the Ga-Dangme Movement of Ashaiman, at a press conference on Thursday.

It said: “We shall be grateful if a Ga-Dangme indigene is picked to serve the Municipality as the Chief Executive.”

The statement said the appeal was to serve as a reminder to the Government based on letters the two bodies submitted to the Office of the President with copies to the New Patriotic Party executives at the Constituency.

The statement said they presented five names to the Government to choose one candidate even though all the nominees were capable of handling the affairs of the Municipality.

“It will surprise everyone to know that none of the five names submitted had been shortlisted let alone invited to the vetting,” it said.

The statement said: “Any other (political) position such as that of the Member of Parliament, members to the Assembly, Presiding Member and the rest are opened to any qualified person staying in Ashaiman to compete for, but that of the MCE is a preserve for the indigenes of Ga-Dangme.”

“We the chiefs, queen mothers, the Divisional Council members and the entire Ga-Dangme citizens of Ashaiman will be grateful if the President will listen to us and appoint a Ga-Dangme as the MCE of Ashaiman,” it said.

The statement expressed the hope that such a move would strengthen the already good relationship between the Government and the people of Ga-Dangme.

Source: Ghana News Agency