Watch how Zongo elder ‘scolded’ Okyere Baafi for supposedly engaging in religious politics

The Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry and Member of Parliament for New Juaben South, Michael Okyere Baafi, was scolded in a viral video, by a Muslim leader for supposedly engaging in religious politics.

It is not clear what the deputy minister said but Garkuwan Gababas, an advisor to Zongo Chiefs in the Eastern Region, could have none of his comments.

In the said video clip, Garkuwan Gababas could be seen telling the MP that he does not support his attempt to mix religion and politics.

‘You spoke and we listened to you. But I don’t support what you said. This is because we don’t want to mix religion with politics. It is not good to mix religious crisis with politics.

‘Today, the census shows the population of Christians is greater than that of Muslims. So, if we Muslims are saying we want a Muslim (leader) we are looking for a problem for ourselves. So, let us stop talking about Christianity and Islam in politics,’ he said in Twi.

The advisor added, ‘Let us think of the person who would be good for
us so we choose that person. The person God chooses for us would be the right person for us… If you (politicians) come to us just market your candidate. But if you go on the religion tangent, you are creating a problem for us.’

Okyere Baafi, however, explained that his comment had been misconstrued by Garkuwan Gababas.

He said that it was never his intention to engage in religious politics.

‘I’m not a Muslim but I’m always here with you. I come to make donations to you and so, we are not talking about conflict. Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying,’ he said.

Source: Ghana Web