The Holy Spirit guides us to do God’s will – Rev Akushie

Accra, The Reverend Godson Nii Anmu Akushie, Guest Speaker at the United Church in Teshie Nungua Estate, has stated that the Holy Spirit is not a merely a person but a divine entity that guides and teaches Christians to do the will of God.

Rev Akushie said the spirit of God enabled Christians to perform miracles, guided and directed and as well help in making the best of decisions.

He explained that whenever it was said that the Holy Spirit was a person, it did not mean that it had heads, hands or legs as human beings but rather the spirit reflected the attributes of personhood.

Rev Akushie said this on Sunday in Accra at a sermon in the Church on the theme: The Holy Spirits Presence Among His People.

The Rev Minister said it behoves all Christians to open their hearts to receive the word of God through the Holy Spirit and get the full understanding of the message.

He explained that the Holy Spirit was the third person of the trinity and the person equal in every way with God the father and God the son.

He said God in three persons were all equal in power, might, essence and in glory.

Rev Akushie noted that the Spirit of God also known as the rauch indicated to the Hebrew something that was powerful and irresistible.

He said on certain occasions the Spirit of God came upon some people for specific purposes.

He indicated that the prophets who received God’s message and passed them on his people did so through the activity of God’s spirit upon them.

It was imperative as Christians to have Jesus as our personal saviour so that God would send forth His spirit to direct us in all our life and endeavours.

He said the book of Acts of the Apostles acknowledge the presence of the Spirit and indicated that the Apostles were all filled with the Holy spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance.

Rev Nii Ashikwei Ollenu, Resident Minister in charge of United Church said as part of the Pentecost season, the Church had outlined series of programme on the theme from May 28 to June 4 to uplift the spiritual growth of members.

The weekday sessions start at 1900 hour while Sunday service starts at 1000 hours

Source: Ghana News Agency