Teshie Elder calls for unity ahead of Homowo festival

Accra- Mr Daniel Nii Mensah Ablorh, the Principal Elder of Nuumo Nmashie family of Teshie has urged residents to be united and ensure peace ahead of the Teshie Homowo.

He said it was necessary for the people to respect one another by valuing their relationship that existed between them and conduct themselves peaceful during the Homowo festival.

The Elder made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at a family meeting in Accra.

Mr Ablorh said violence destroys properties and lives, affecting infrastructural development, adding that it was imperative for the people to unite as one to ensure that the communities are well developed to give employment to the youth.

According to him, there was no substitute for peace and it was the responsibility of all and sundry to work collectively to ensure peace in all spheres.

He called for effective communication among clans to help stop conflicts and advised feuding families to focus more on things that connect them as one people as a means of living together in harmony.

The Principal Elder commended that fact-finding Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs for confirming Nii Duamro Nmashie III as the Teshie Mankralo.

He announced that by tradition, the Teshie Mankralo is the Head of the Nuumo Nmashie Family of Teshie and called on the public to disregard any person calling himself as the Acting Teshie Mankralo.

He said the Nuumo Nmashie family have granted power of Attorney to Surveyor Engineer Larbi Darko to assist the family in land matters.

The Nuumo Nmashie family of Teshie comprise of Krobo Quarter, the Kle Quarter and the Agbawe Quarter.

Mr Ablorh said the family was working assiduously to enstool Teshie Chief, which had eluded the people for more than three decades.

He stated that the Teshie Mankralo, the Teshie Chief Priest and the Teshie Shikitele had the power to enstool Teshie Chief nominated by Lenshie Dzaasetse.

Nuumo Sowah Obene, the Chief Priest of Teshie and La called on the people to eschew acts of violence and be peace to each other.

He said the celebration of Homowo festival means to hoot hunger, and there was the need to welcome the feast with happiness and joy devoid of disturbances.

The Teshie Homowo will start on August 12, 2019.

Source: Ghana News Agency