Tennis coaches must improve their knowledge to develop young talents – ITF expert

Accra – Mr Hruoje Enafic, an International Tennis Federation (ITF) coach education and player development expert, has said there is the need for more training programs for tennis coaches, across the continent to improve their knowledge and skills.

He said this would help in the development identification, grooming and development of younger players for the future.

Speaking in an interview with the GNA Sports, he said coaches needed to bring themselves with the modern trends of tennis coaching in order to fast track the development and promotion of the sports.

We have players that are obviously talented but in order to develop them, you need more knowledgeable coaches and of course the opportunities to travel to have the right competitions, he told the GNA Sports.

Mr Enafic, was in Ghana as an instructor for a two-week ITF level two coaching course for coaches across the continent.

Mr Enafic noted that the course was designed to improve the quality of coaching young players across the continent.

He said he was convinced that with the profile of the participants adding that, the aim for organising the course would be achieved at the end.

These are very strong group of candidates and many of them played tennis for their countries in the Davies Cup. I will say that because of their playing experience they understand a lot about tennis, but they are unable to think as coaches.

Sometimes they have problems with putting in the word and concepts. So with this course, they would be able to translate their feelings in the concepts and the understanding that would help them to coach their players better.

I believe that with more knowledge they would be able to develop better players. That’s what we at the ITF expect that the coaches to know. We would be able to develop better players in the future, he noted.

He said, players from the continent could only be successful on the international scene when they get the right training and good preparation.

If the players are prepared well they have the chance to show their talent on international stage at a young age and there is a bigger chance that somebody will support them, he added.

Ten tennis coaches were selected from Ghana- four, Nigeria � four, Bostwana-one and Uganda � one for the course.

The training program, which started on Tuesday at the Accra Sports Stadium, was an advance player development coaching course, sponsored by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Source: Ghana News Agency


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