Jazz songstress Stephanie Benson has revealed that she has had only one sexual partner in her entire life as a lady.

The mother of five says she has been with her husband who happens to be this man for close to 34 years without having any form of external sexual affairs.

She made this revelation when a curious netizen had enquired about her sexual life whiles growing up.

“I really envy whoever had the opportunity to bang Stephanie Benson in her youthful days. Menopause freakiness mpo nie Na ovulation hormones freakiness my goodness,” the tweep stated.

Shortly after, Stephanie Benson gave the reply, “Kay, I have only been with one man all my life and I’m married to him 34 yrs oh. No one ever had the chance. Women can be freaky, sexually liberated, free and faithful”.

Source: Modern Ghana

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