Soon To Be IGP Maame Tiwaa Conduct Must Be A Lesson For All- Ex-Police Chief

A former police chief blamed the bold declaration and the subsequent U-turn by CID boss COP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danqua on intelligence failure.

Speaking on Newsfile, Mrs Kasser-Tee said the controversy over the CID boss’ comments is a clear lesson in professionalism for public office holders.

Every professional owes a personal responsibility to be professional in your office. If you are in public office you owe a duty to be candid to the people of Ghana. You owe a duty to act in the welfare of the people of Ghana. In her [COP Addo-Danquah] case, assuming it was even true that they had found the girls, was it professional to announce that in a press conference to the media, asked.

The GIMPA Law School lecturer further explained that, the revelation that the police knew where the girls are was not made in private conversation with the families of the three missing girls � suggesting it could not have been a hope-giving exercise.

She reminds public officials to always be professional, candid and act in ways they believe is in the welfare of Ghanaians.

Now, her continuous holding of the office, does it instil confidence in the people? We have to be honest and answer that question, she stated.

She, however, declined to provide her own answer to the question.

Systemic problem

Contributing to the discussion on the news analysis programme, private legal practitioner and former Dean at GIMPA Law School, Kofi Abotsi, said the comment by COP Tiwaa Addo-Danquah and the brouhaha that it has generated, is a smaller aspect of a bigger problem.

Police have had long-standing systemic and structural problems but it’s reflected in the situation we find ourselves in, he said.

Kofi Abotsi said police communication, which is the major issue, has always been a major problem.

Clearly she misspoke, he said but said the matter must bring to the fore the need to address systemic and structural communications gaps within the police service.

Source: Modern Ghana