Sheikh Tophic Sienu successfully completes first phase of Football Video Analysis Course

Football writer, editor and television soccer pundit Sheikh Tophic Abdul-Kadir Sienu has successfully completed a Football Video Analysis Course organised by the Ghana Football Association.

The ten-day intensive theoretical session took place at the Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence in Prampram, the technical center of the Ghana FA.

The knowledge-seeking Sheikh Tophic Sienu was one of the twenty participants who registered for the second batch of the course.

The editor for who doubles as a regular panellist on metro TV and GTV Sport+ as well as a soccer pundit was regular for the entire ten-day session as well as all practical sessions.

With his knowledge in football analysis, Tophic invented The Sheikh’s Drawing Board – an analytical writeup that assesses the strength and weakness of tactics after game.

His basic understanding of the game and how he explains group and individual tactics of games made him the right student of the course which added to his knowledge bank.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Tophic revealed how stressful the whole learning process was but he relentlessly went through.

“Another era has begun. It was hard, intense, packed and stressful but the knowledge gained can’t be quantified. This is another step in adding to my knowledge bank. I’m excited to have successfully completed my first phase of the Video Analysis Course. Thanks to the GFA for introducing this course. We’ll tick all the boxes, dot the Is and cross the Ts. Another step towards greatness,” Sheikh Tophic Sienu wrote on Facebook.

Following his completion of the first phase of the course, the learned journalist will take up an 11-day online session before practically working with a Premier League club as an intern for 2 months.

The Video Analysis Course is one of the major strategic tools of the current Ghana FA towards the restructuring of the game.

Source: Ghana Web