ACCRA– Ghana’s performance on budget transparency has been described as stagnant following its very little progress made over the past two years, according to the latest Open Budget Survey (OBS) report released here this week.

In 2017, Ghana scored 50 out of 100 in the Open Budget Index (OBI), and this represented a fall in scores compared with a score of 51 in 2015, the OBS report reveals.

This, however, does not mean Government has done poorly in making budget information available to citizens, but it is to be noted that much progress has not been made in elevating the country to reach its targeted score of 67 by 2012, said Sandra Kwabea Sarkwah, the Project Officer of SEND GHANA, at the official launch of the results of OBS 2017 here Wednesday.

In a presentation to the media and other civil society organizations, Sarkwah noted that in the sixth assessment of Ghana’s performance on budget transparency, Ghana’s score had not seen improvements over the years.

The country has failed to meet its target of 67 as envisaged in the 2012 survey, and countries like Senegal, Georgia, Jordan and Mexico have experienced significant gains in OBI since their participation in the survey, she said. The score indicated that Government provided the public with limited budget information making Ghana to score 22 out 100 in public participation, she noted.

Limited means that not all the eight budget documents, namely Pre-Budget Statement, Executive’s Budget Proposal, Enacted Budget, Citizens Budget, In-Year Reports, Mid-year Review, Year-End Report and Audit Report were published online and on time, she added.



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