Regular information flow on Bagre Dam is important – WRC

Bolgatanga,- Mr Aaron Aduna, Upper East Regional Coordinator of the Water Resources Commission (WRC), has said regular collaboration between Ghana and Burkina Faso on the Bagre dam is important to the development of the area.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Aduna said current water flow into the dam was close to 232 meters of elevation level at the weekend and noted that there was no cause for alarm as continuous checks and data flow was ongoing.

Responding to whether there was any likelihood of a spillage any time this year, the Regional Coordinator said compulsory spillage would be necessary if the dam reached its elevation level of 235 meters, adding that any such information in anticipation of the spillage would be announced.

He said regular discussions between partners was on going and a daily data around the reason was shared with key stakeholders.

The Coordinator said even though there are some flooding on some farms, the water was likely to come from banks of the White Volta in Country and indicated that it was not from the Bagre Dam.

He said farming around the banks of the Volta River could be detrimental to farmers who farm close to the banks.

Mr Aduna allayed any fears of any spillage and said regular monitoring of the dam will be done in order not to overwhelm the anxieties in the people that comes with spillage from the dam.

The region experienced excesses from the spill of the Bagre Dam in 2016 and 2014 which affected many lives and properties in the Upper East and other neighbouring regions.

Source: Ghana News Agency