Recent political disturbances in the Volta Region

We, the members of the One Volta Group in Ghana and in the Diaspora, wish to express our grave concerns regarding the recent political developments in our country, with particular reference to the recently reported secessionist disturbances in parts of our Volta Region.

We want to affirm our unflinching support for a united and stable Ghana. We declare without equivocation and without hesitation, our support for the territorial integrity of our homeland, Ghana.

It is also important to stress, at this juncture, that in addressing the Western Togoland issue, care must be taken not to assume that all parts of the current Volta Region were by any misconception or stretch of imagination, including the Western Togoland territory.

Historically, Western Togoland, would include territory from the northern tip of our Volta Region all the way to parts of the Upper East Region. Current Volta Region districts and municipalities such as Akatsi North, Akatsi South, Peki areas, Anloga, Central Tongu, South Tongu, North Tongu, Keta, Ketu North, Ketu South, Agotime Ziope, among others, have always been part of the Gold Coast (now Ghana) even before the Ashanti and the Northern Territories were included in 1902.

This fact needs to be clearly acknowledged by Government communicators and in our history lessons.

With the current developments, we respectfully appeal to the President, who is the father of all, to call out prominent politicians who refer erroneously to indigenous Ghanaians as ‘foreigners’. The President must come out boldly, clearly, and unequivocally to reprimand those making the xenophobic and divisive comments.

We do not want the silence of the president to be misinterpreted as a tacit approval of those bigots, who are unwittingly promoting or inciting secessionism through their antagonistic behavior and utterances.

We would like to recommend that a bi-partisan commission be set up to investigate the conflicting reports emerging from the disturbances regarding the lethargic response of National Security.

Finally, we urge the Government to quicken the pace of the investigations and to bring the suspected individuals to trial before an impartial court of competent jurisdiction. Where ordinary citizens, who were swept up in the round up of suspected secessionists, are now found to be innocent, they should be released immediately.

Justice delayed is justice denied, so a speedy trial must be conducted, without fear or favor, for those found to be involved or behind these disturbances.

The One Volta Group believes that all Ghanaians are one people, with a common destiny. This united Ghana must be protected by all patriotic citizens.

Source: Ghana Web