Provide The Missing Toyota Pick-Up Within 5-days Or Face Our Wrath – Basintale To Regional Minister

The Savannah Regional-NDC have taken Notice of some Prevaricate Information in the past few days surrounding the Purported Robbery of a Toyota Hilux pick-up belonging to the Regional Coordinating Council of the Savannah Region.

As a matter of fact, the entire region has been left in shock and impinged Following the numerous stories and witnessing circumnavigating the missing vehicle.

As a political party borne out of integrity and accountability and being a major stakeholder in the Savannah Region, we sought to set the records straight on the Matter with some questions after our investigations.


Amidst the deliberate refusal to speak and the internal directive to remain tight- lipped by the Regional Coordinating Council on the matter, we have intercepted stories from various outfits being sourced to the Regional Police Command, other regional appointees and persons around the Minister and among the numerous accounts given, We wish to limit our spotlight to just two major accounts.

First is the fact sourced to http://www . graphic .com. Which states:

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Mr. Mohammed Yusif Tanko, in charge of police public relations for the Northern Region, the vehicle was parked in the residence of one Alhaji Illiasu in Tamale.

Alhaji Illiasu is a friend to the Savannah Regional Minister, Mr. Salifu Adam Braimah and so the Minister went to park the vehicle in his house whilst he [Minister] travelled out of town for a meeting.

According to Alhaji Illiasu in his complaint statement to the police, the Minister who was traveling left the vehicle in his care which he parked in his house.

DSP Tanko said he [Alhaji Illiasu] was in his house around 9 pm on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, when armed robbers attacked him at gunpoint and demanded the keys to the vehicle.

He said he gave the robbers the keys and they grabbed him into the vehicle and drove off to a distance of about 20 kilometers away from his house, dropped him and fled with the vehicle.

Secondly is the fact sourced to www. Ghanaweb .com which states:

The Toyota Hilux pick-up vehicle with registration number WR 3516-19 according to police sources that confirmed to MyNewsGh. com, had picked the Minister from Damongo and was dropped off at the Tamale airport to attend an official meeting in Accra.

While returning to Tamale township, the driver only identified as Eliasu was attacked by armed men numbering about five who seized the vehicle and later tied him to a tree in the bush and fled with the vehicle.

Some persons who later spotted him fastened to the tree while going to the farm, rescued him after which an official complaint was lodged with the Northern Regional Police Command who confirmed.


1. It is a known Fact that the Official Vehicle of the Regional Minister is a Nissan Patrol V8 which was handed-over to him. Why wasn’t the Minister using his official vehicle since he claims the assignment was an official one?

2. Mr. minister, It is a known fact that the Minister is entitled to a Police dispatch convoy, a police bodyguard et al. Why wasn’t the Minister in use of such on the said day, if the second story is anything to go by?

3. It is a known fact that the ministers aligned office in other regions is their respective RCC. Mr. Minister, Why wasn’t the Vehicle parked at the NR-RCC by law, but instead at the house of a friend? Regardless, why wasn’t the Pick-Up even parked at the Ministers residence at Kpalsi in Tamale, since he claims to have left the vehicle in Tamale.

4. Mr. minister, Why wasn’t the news of so-called robbery broadcasted until some persons who needed the pick-Up for other assignments started raising red flags to the absence of the pickup days after?


1. What’s the relationship between Alhaji Eliasu and Hon. Salifu Braimah as it is alleged Alhaji Eliasu has been a major financier to Hon. Braimahs campaign and therefore giving out state assets to him results in a family and friends -conflict of interest?.

2. It is alleged that Alhaji Eliasu has links to a car rental of which the said Hilux Pickup with registration number WR 3516-19 have been spotted being added to rented vehicles a couple of times?

3. Among all other vehicles that have the Savannah Regional -RCC inscription on them, why was the Toyota Hilux Pickup claimed to be stolen not inscribed with same but left like any normal Pickup?

4. Why has the minister refused to speak on the matter even when It is alleged that he spoke to the so called robbers on phone days ago?

5. Why has the minister together with his accomplice Alhaji Eliasu refused to disclose to the police that there are rumors around that the so-called stolen car was on rental when the said incident happened?

From the above analysis and some other confidential information {Not included above}, it is clear that the sequence leading to the so called robbery of the Toyota Hilux Pick-Up does not add up and both stories being peddled by members involved in this criminal activity obviously can never be accepted.

We plead with the Regional Minister and his team, to desist from implementing what they have learnt so quickly from their bosses so as not to tarnish the remarkable image of the region and to a large extent his constituency since he doubles as a Member of Parliament for the Salaga South Constituency.

We therefore give the Regional Minister Mr. Adam Salifu Braimah an ultimatum of 5 working days to provide the Toyota Hilux Pick-Up to the Regional Coordinating Council of the Savannah Region since he is fully aware of How the Pick Up left the hands of Mr. Eliasu, who is a businessman or be ready to cooperate with the consequences thereafter within the remits of the Law as there is a clear exhibition of incompetence and Breach of Office.

We urge the Ghana Police service to continue in investigations and not allow themselves be used in matters like this so as not to tarnish their hard-earned reputation.

Source: Modern Ghana