Prof. Ransford Gyampo heads Youth Bridge Research Institute

Accra� Professor Ransford Edward Van Gyampo, one of Ghana’s young and astute Political Scientists, now heads the Youth Bridge Research Institute (YBRI), a subsidiary organisation of the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF).

The Institute was set up, to inter alia, conduct research that characterises the situation of the youth in Africa and African Diasporan youth, identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen youth development through practice and policy.

In a release issued to the Ghana News Agency, signed by Ms Elsie Appiah-Osei, Head of Communications, YBF, it said the YBRI under sponsorship of the African Youth Governance Convergence (AYGC) would undertake evidence-based academic research on young people in Ghana, Africa and among Diasporan youth.

It would make findings accessible to governments and policy makers across the continent.

It said it would engage in dialogue and advocacy to promote effective youth policy design and implementation; provide leadership training and mentorship for the youth; and create a platform for harnessing the zeal, enthusiasm and potential of the youth for national development.

Born on March 31, 1977, Prof Gyampo is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre for European Studies of the University of Ghana, with 14 years of teaching and research experience.

Until recently, he was a visiting scholar at the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of South Florida, United States of America (USA). He currently serves as a Visiting Professor to the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

For 14 years, he was a Senior Research Fellow at the Governance Unit of the Institute of Economic Affairs leading a number of research projects and playing a key role in the IEA’s Socio-Economic and Governance Surveys.

For 10 years, Prof Gyampo also served as Coordinator of the Ghana Political Parties Programme, a programme that brought together the leadership of Political Parties with representation in Ghana’s Parliament to discuss issues of national importance in a non-partisan manner and to propose practical solutions to them.

He is a member of Ghana’s Electoral Reforms Committee and played a key role in identifying the challenges of Ghana’s electoral processes and submitting electoral reform proposals to the Electoral Commission for the purposes of fine-tuning Ghana’s electoral system.

He is also a member of the Representation of the People’s Amendment Act (ROPAA) Consultative Committee, a Committee set up by the Electoral Commission to research, consult and advise on the implementation of the law that mandates Ghanaians living abroad to vote in Ghanaian elections.

Prof. Gyampo holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Ghana and at Tufts University in Boston, USA. His research interest lies in the areas of Youth Empowerment and Development, Governance, Democracy, and Natural Resource Management.

He is of the firm belief and conviction that, If the future belongs to the youth, then the youth must be developed and prepared for the future. He is currently researching on Youth Development, Mentorship, Empowerment and Participation with the view to helping the building of a critical mass of responsible and mature young people for Ghana’s development now and in the future.

Prof Gyampo has more than 100 research works to his credit within his areas of research interest.

These have been published in internationally refereed journals across the globe as Books, Book Chapters, Book Reviews, Peer Reviewed Journal Articles, Technical Reports, Monographs and Policy Briefs.

Source: Ghana News Agency