Portions of Gwollu-Jeffisi road swept away by flood

Kunkorgu (U/W) Several passengers and farmers travelling through Gwollu on the Jeffisi road have been left stranded in Kunkorgu, five kilometres from the Sissala West District, Gwollu, after portions of it curved in and was swept away by floods.

Sissala West District Assembly Engineers blame the situation on misplaced culvert which was supposed to protect a major stream from running over the road.

Transportation has been disrupted since last Sunday as vehicles from both directions, Gwollu and Wa, have either been forced to cancel their journey or stop at Kunkorgu to exchange passengers.

Gwollu is the home town of former president Dr Hilla Liman but there are no tarred roads in the area, posing a grave challenge to social and economic activities.

The Ghana News Agency visited the collapsed road and saw many people from Kunkorgu filling the trench and redirecting running water through a culvert.

The people carried stones to fill the ditch and used bags of sand to fortify and prevent water from flowing over.

Mr Mohammed Haruna, the New Patriotic Party Chairman of Kunkorgu, told the GNA that: Coming out to do this exercise, we put aside partisan politics, we are looking at collective interest.

The road serves commuters from Tumu through Buoti to Kunkorgu and proceeds to Nyimati Bullu Paana all the way to Burkina Faso.

The chairman described it as a major road and appealed to stakeholders to help fix it.

Mr Luqman Venue, Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress of Kunkorgu, added: I don’t have much to say, my only appeal is that, authorities should look at our efforts in restoring this road and kindly offer their help.

Mr Mohammed Bakor, the Sissala West District Chief Executive, visited the area and was seen interacting with the contractor, Speed.

He assured the public and travelers that efforts were being made to ensure passengers and vehicles used the road shortly.

The Kunkorgu Nyimati road is a community labour construction of feeder road under Ghana Social Opportunities Project, according to the Sissala West District Assembly.

The stranded commuters and farmers called on government to bring the contractor back to site to complete the Kunkorgu to Nyimati road.

Elders of the community led by Mr Mumuni Paale, commended the gallant youth for their communal spirit to help fix the broken road.

Source: Ghana News Agency