OKESS ’93 Year Group visit Retired Teachers, Needy colleagues

The 1993 Year Group students Association of the Osei Kyeretwie Secondary School (OKESS 93) have paid historic visit to the Garden City of Ghana to spend time with some of their teachers who have retired from active service and sick colleagues.

The Association, known as Ahenemma 93, is in Kumasi to celebrate 30 years since its members completed school to deliberate on the Association’s future.

The members, who came from all over the world to celebrate the reunion, will have a four day packed programme from Friday through to Monday.

Friday, which was the Assembly of members, was also used to entertain the membership with live band music at Sunset hotel, one of the highly patronised entertainment spots in the Kumasi Metropolis.

The year group is celebrating the reunion on the theme ‘creating opportunities together in unity. ‘

President of the Association, Mr Osei Boateng kirpal, who addressed the members, was impressed about the level of commitment demonstrated by the members for the reunion activities.

He said the Association as part of its programmes has assisted its Alma matar by building a bread factory and equiping it with set of bakery items.

He indicated that the idea to construct the bakery stemmed from the school spending so much to purchase bread for breakfast for its students.

As part of the programme, members of the Association visited some members who were sick and teachers on retirement.

The Association gave all the people it visited some quantity of assorted food items and cash donations.

Osie Kyeretwie Secondary School is in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital and highly honoured for its sporting activities.

The 1993 Year Group is one of most active year groups of the school with a membership of about 150.

Some of its members are senior security officers in the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Prisons Services, lawyers, Journalists, business persons, clergy and sports instructors.

The group has been described by the mother Association as unique and caring. It has had its first election to select leadership of the Association which has a tenure of two years.

Source: Ghana News Agency