Nyakrom Judicial Committee imposes fine on Assemblyman and Abranhene

Nyakrom (C/R)- The Judicial Committee of the Nyakrom Traditional Council has ruled that the ban imposed on Kwaebirim Oil Palm Company nursery sites at Kesewa and Kyekyewere in Agona West be lifted to pave way for the company to start work.

The lifting of the ban followed complaint against the Assemblyman at Agona Otsenkorang and Abranhene by officers of Kwaebirim Oil Palm Company for allegedly threatening to burn down tractors used by the company to clear land sites for nursery of oil palm seedlings.

At the Committee’s sitting, presided over by Okofo Katakyi Nyakoh Eku X, Omanhene of Nyakrom Traditional Area at Nyakrom, it ruled that Paul Akyerem, the Assemblyman, and Kwame Pantsil, the Abranhene, have no right to beat gong-gong and make announcements on a community radio to incite the residents, who are mostly tenant farmers against the company to stop work.

The Committee ruled that the action of the two people could have led to bloodshed, destruction of properties and deaths in the area and warned that the Nyakrom Traditional Council would not sit down unconcerned for anyone to cause mayhem in the land.

The Judicial Committee has, therefore, imposed a fine of 2,000 Cedis, 12 bottles of Schnapps and four rams on the two for gross misconduct.

They have two weeks to pay the fine or face the wrath of the Judicial Committee to serve as deterrent to others seeking to drive away investors from the area.

It also ruled that the Kwaebirim Oil Palm Company continue its work under the ‘One District one Factory (IDIF)’ policy which is aimed at creating an enabling environment for jobs and wealth opportunities for unemployed youth in the country.

This is because according to the Committee, the officials of the company entered into an agreement with the land owners who are heads of clans in the area and appropriate compensations were paid to tenant farmers whose farms were affected.

The Committee ruled that the Company had officially introduced itself to the authorities of the Agona West Municipal Assembly, indicating its intent to plant oil palm to feed the factory under the project.

The Committee said it was preposterous and outrageous for the two to take the laws into their own hands even by assuming that the compensations paid to the affected farmers were not satisfactory.

The best thing they needed to do was to lodge complaint with the Omanhene, the overlord of Agona Nyakrom Traditional Area, to seek redress.

Source: Ghana News Agency