Now Available Africa to launch ‘SKY Girls’ initiative in Ghana

Accra, Now Available Africa, a pan African advertising agency based in Ghana has held a press briefing in Accra aimed at striping aspirations out of smoking teenage girls in Ghana dubbed SKY Girls movement.

The SKY Girls movement, which is a movement to motivate a confident and strong generation of young women is spearheaded by a UK-based consultancy agency, ‘Good Business’, and is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In an interview with Ghana News Agency (GNA), Madam Ivy Aning, a strategist at Now Available Africa, said the agency had been appointed to create an exciting and impactful programme tailored to the needs and interest of teenage girls in Ghana.

SKY is a programme about inspiring teenage girls to be true to their values and the core of who they are by supporting each other in various initiatives.

This is a tobacco prevention campaign, which is aimed at allowing girls to have the opportunity to explore their passion points and give them the skills and support to say no when they are offered vices that are negative and had bad influence on their lives.

According to Madam Aning the focus would be on smoking since the fund from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is targeted at global tobacco prevention campaign.

Benjamin Anyan, Creative Director, Now Available Africa emphasised that ‘SKY Girls’ was built within the girls’ world.

Sky girls connect online, on radio at hangouts and via the magazine to celebrate their shared values and interest, which support each other in being true to who they are.

The no-smoking message is subtly embedded in the movement’s valuesthat is what makes SKY Girls exciting and unique he said.

The movement which has already been launched in three African countries including Botswana will officially be launched in Accra, Ghana with a massive concert on Saturday, 29th April, 2017 at the Aviation Social Centre at 13:00 pm.

Source: Ghana News Agency