Nigerian organisation in Ghana condemns acts of criminality

Accra- The Organisation of Nigerians in the Diaspora (NIDO), Ghana Chapter, has condemned acts of criminality by Nigerians in Ghana and urged the Government to deal decisively with anyone who flouts the country’s laws.

Mr Oscar Ugoh, the Director of Corporate Affairs, NIDO, said this in Accra at a press briefing on the Organisation’s stand concerning the acts of misconduct, especially on the spate of kidnappings, allegedly associated with Nigerians living in the country.

As an Organisation, we all abhor crimes, frown on antisocial and deviant behaviours that pose danger to the safety and preservation of life and property, he said.

We urge the authorities to enforce laws on any member found culpable of destabilising the peace of the country.

Mr Ugoh said the alleged involvement of Nigerians in criminal acts had smeared the image and reputation of law-abiding Nigerians resident in Ghana, posing serious concerns, which, if not checked, could lead to violent attacks on innocent Nigerians.

Responsible and well-meaning Nigerians in Ghana are worried that not only are the activities of these miscreants dragging the country’s image through the mud, but is directly posing a threat to the hospitality and goodwill between the countries.

He stated that in spite of the situation, majority of Nigerians resident in Ghana were law abiding and socially responsible, making significant contributions to Ghana’s economic growth and social development.

Mr Ugoh appealed to all concerned to be circumspect in their actions so as not to adversely affect the good relationship between the two countries, which had been of immense benefit to both.

He said the Organisation had taken steps to set up neighbourhood watch-dogs amongst Nigerians to provide checks and balances on their behaviours and unravel perpetrators of crime.

He announced that the Nigeria High Commission had embarked on sensitisation of its nationals in the regions to be law abiding and live in harmony with Ghanaians.

The Organization had written to the Inspector General of Police for collaboration to address the menace.

Source: Ghana News Agency