Nigeria nabs wanted Boko Haram commander

ABUJA- The Nigerian army on Sunday confirmed that one of the most wanted commanders of the Boko Haram terror group has been nabbed.

The suspect, identified as MajeLawan, is believed to be number 96 on the list of wanted terrorists earlier published by the army.

Army spokesman Texas Chukwu said the suspect was nabbed by troops in Banki neighborhood of the northeastern state of Borno.

He was apprehended after he infiltrated an internally displaced persons’ camp in Banki, according to Chukwu.

“The suspect is currently undergoing preliminary investigation and will be handed over to the appropriate authority for further action,” he said.

Nigeria has made considerable gains against the terror group, dislodging its fighters from the Sambisa Forest.

Boko Haram has been blamed for the death of more than 20,000 people and displacement of 2.3 million others in Nigeria since 2009.

Source: Ghana News Agency