Nane and children join funeral to mourn Ghana’s beloved son

Accra- Nane Maria Lagergren, the widow of Kofi Annan, with their three children, Wednesday, joined host of mourners at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) at the State Funeral to honour their beloved.

Nane, was dressed in a simple black Slit and Kaba, with a shawl around her shoulders, while her two daughters, Nina also spotted a slit and kaba outfit.

Ama wore a black straight dress, while Kojo was in a black African outfit.

In a quiet and sombre mood, they were ushered in to greet their paternal and maternal families of Asanteman and Akwamufie, who were seated across each other at the foyer where the mortal remains of the Global Peace Icon had been laid.

The two royal sides were given the afternoon to perform their various customary farewell rites to bid their distinguished son farewell to the next world.

The families later took turns to present various burial items (Adeseadea), made up of cloths, kente, handkerchiefs, traditional rings called epentia, some money, a pair of slippers, and wreaths to the Funeral Organising Committee, as their gifts to their departing beloved son.

This was done amidst sobs and cultural displays and dances.

Representatives of the two sides read separate tributes, eulogising how Great Kofi Annan was and how he was so much cherished by them.

Madam Georgina Ama Anima Ofori, a paternal cousin of Kofi Annan, said Asanteman had lost ‘a wise man, who was also installed a chief, with the title, Busumuru.

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, conferred the title on him in 2002.

She described Mr Annan, who was called by the family as Kofi Atta, being a twin, as ‘the defender of the poor, and a fighter for peace.’

Additionally, she said, Kofi Annan was also generous to a fault.

It is gratifying to note that in whatsoever capacity he found himself, even as an ordinary member of the family, Kofi Atta performed his duties with distinction and low with key humility.

His deep and abiding faith in humility remained the pivot of his life up until his death.

She said Kofi Annan was a great grandson of the late Obaapanyin Adjoa Ennin and Nana Woode, the Great Akwamuhene who reigned in the middle to the late 1700s.

A representative of the Oyoko Abusua (Maternal family) of Akwamu in the Eastern Region, said they see the loss of their kindred as a mighty oak that had fallen, saying Kofi Annan was an Abusuapayin of the Family, who was highly cherished.

Meanwhile, part of the day was given to members of recognised bodies, and institutions, Members of Parliament and Ministers of State, diplomats, chiefs as well as some distinguished individuals to file past and pay their last respects to the seventh United Nations Secretary-General.

He passed on peacefully on August 18, in Bern, Switzerland after a short illness.

Source: Ghana News Agency