Medical students schooled on image branding

Accra -Students of the Accra College of Medicine (ACM) have been schooled on image branding to enhance their proficiency in the medical field and also help them to deliver quality service to their clients.

Mr Kwaku Mensa-Bonsu, a Council Member of ACM, who delivered a lecture at the fourth in a series of a public lecture, said image building, loyalty and persona cushioned the medical students with relevant knowledge and skills in the discharge of their duties.

He said Being a professional, then, is an act of behaving in a mode defined by the chosen profession.

Mr Mensa-Bonsu said a profession was a chosen, paid occupation, requiring prolonged training and formal qualification that gave professionals the opportunity to show competence and skills.

He said professionalism was an added value that promoted quality care in addition to the contribution of practitioners and their set values that guided them in their work.

Mr Mensah-Bonsu said in personal branding self-packaging, appearance, and attitude were pivotal to building a positive image for the institution as well as win the trust of clients.

“Be careful about the perception you put out there about yourself, for you are the CEO of your own brand, he said.

He recounted an experience in a hospital where a doctor’s mode of dressing did not look professional casting doubt among patients whether he was a doctor.

He, therefore, advised the students to be mindful of their dress codes and the sort of image they put out there about themselves in order not to create the wrong impression.

The Accra College of Medicine is a premier private and independent medical college set up to provide cutting-edge medical education in Ghana.

Source: Ghana News Agency