Law clerk bags GHS 20,000 787 – NLA cash prize

A week after the big break of Ghana’s biggest jackpot value of GHS 798,000; 787-NLA records a new jackpot value of GHS 222,000, September 26th 2020.

The recent past draw, Draw 43 – Week 38 witnessed a law clerk emerge the unique prize winner.

Abdullah Mohammed upon several weeks of participation emerged the unique prize winner in draw 43 last Saturday, September 19th 2020 taking home a cheque of GHS 20,000. Abdullah, also won double the sixth prize class.

Exhilarated Abdullah shared, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the congratulatory message of winning the unique prize of GHS 20,000.

Bottled with excitement, he said his cash prize will relieve his family of many burdens and aid him cater for his young siblings’ education.

He urged the public to jump on the moving train of *787#’s GHS 222,000 jackpot opportunity this Saturday and participate in a big break.

Also with Abdullah has been records of big *787# Jackpot breaks in Ghana of GHS 798,000, GHS 208,500, GHS 162,950, GHS 157,500, GHS 105,000 and GHS 70,000.

Abdullah turns the first *787# unique prize winner from Madina, Accra.

This Saturdays’ jackpot value records the biggest ever in Ghana’s jackpot history at GHS 222,000.

Packed with the Saturday regular 787-NLA lottery draw; there is the Special Tuesday draw where 50 players each pocket GHS 200 as well as the Special Thursday draw where 6 players are rewarded GHS 1,000 each.

All tickets purchased for the Special Tuesday and Thursday draw automatically qualify for the BIG Jackpot value draw on Saturday. The new jackpot prize for this Saturday, 26th September 2020 already stands at GHS 222,000.

To participate in any of the draws simply dial *787# on your mobile, Select “play now”, Enter participation and Confirm your mobile money pin for payment.

A ticket is only GHS 5 and your phone number is your participation in the draw.

You can play at your convenience on all networks, and anywhere in Ghana.

With *787#, every player is a winner.

Source: Ghana Web