Kojo-Hilton slams movie producers for lack of professionalism

Accra Mr. Prince Kojo-Hilton, a Pan African Art Ambassador, has bemoaned acts of unprofessionalism by movie producers which has affected the progress of Ghana’s film industry.

Speaking at a symposium at the fifth edition of the Ghana Theatre Festival, Mr. Kojo-Hilton who doubles as Set Director revealed that, Ghanaian movies did not have the international appeal due to the unpreparedness at the pre-production, production and post-production stages.

He said that the Art Department which is the biggest area in film production, had not been given the required attention and the right personnel were not employed to do the work.

The problems are that, we don’t get prepared before going on set, we don’t get to see our location before going on set, we don’t create the befitting costume before going on set and the crew don’t even read scripts before going on set.

I have been on several sets that even the set designer didn’t have a script, make-up artist didn’t have the script, and the soundman didn’t even have the script so what are we producing, he asked.

I believe pre-production stage wows production and that’s where we have to channel our focus,” he said.

The Art Ambassador said another challenge in film production in the area of art direction or production.

He advised all producers to take the art direction as well as set design very serious especially in film production because art is the centre of film and art is the heart of a film.

Commenting on the local movies he said it was good to do local movies because they promote Ghana’s culture internationally.

I have seen on international scene where they pick up a Twi movie just to make a mockery of us because we didn’t do it well. So, if we are trying to learn we should just learn well and do it right, we are supposed to do it well and right, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency