Jeffrey Schlupp praises ‘on fire’ Manchester United forward Rashford

Black Stars midfielder, Jeffrey Schlupp, has commended Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford for his recent remarkable performances in the Premier League.

Rashford scored a magnificent goal in the 62nd minute of the match, helping the Reds secure a 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace last Saturday.

Schlupp, who also scored a goal for Crystal Palace in the same match, was full of admiration for Rashford and expressed his thoughts in a recent interview with Palace.

He said, “conceding the penalty is one thing, but the second goal, if you’re going to give anyone a chance in the box, you don’t want to give it to Rashford at the minute, he’s on fire.”

Rashford’s recent form has been remarkable, and he has been a crucial player for Manchester United, helping them to secure several victories.

Crystal Palace have had a mixed season so far and is currently placed 12th in the league table with 24 points from 21 games.

Manchester United are third in the league table with 42 points, and their players’ performance has been a significant contributing factor to their success.

Source: Ghana Web