Hon Kyremateng Agyarko Must Be Turning In His Grave

Electoral violence invariably tarnish the image of nations in which they occur. Naturally, Ghana is no exception. The shocking and completely unacceptable scenes of violence shown on television screens across the globe – showing heavily-built uniformed men beating up people whom one presumes were in the area just to cast votes to select a replacement to succeed the late Hon. Kyremateng Agyarko as the new member of Parliament for the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency – ought to be condemned in no uncertain terms, by all who love Mother Ghana passionately, and care deeply about Ghanaian democracy. Disgraceful.

The barbarism seen at the La-Bawaleshie Presby JHS polling station was particularly revolting. It was as if those brutes-in-uniform beating up people performing their civic duty of going to vote in a by-election – with such impunity – had contrived to destroy Ghana’s hard-won reputation as a civilised nation. The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) hotheads who got those thugs into the national security apparatus, have stabbed President Akufo-Addo in the back. They must never be allowed to get away with their abominable and unpardonable actions today. Ever.

The question is: Is it not time the decent members of both the governing NPP, and opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), understood clearly that if they do not rein in the hardliners and hotheads in their respective parties, they will eventually lose the support of the ordinary people of our homeland Ghana? They must sieze their respective parties back from the hands of the violent individuals into which both parties have fallen – who unfortunately now dominate both parties.

It is so ironical that such gratitous violence was perpetrated by the NPP’s thuggish militia, the Invincible Forces, in a constitency once held by Hon. Kyremateng Agyarko – who was such a gentleman and a reconciliatory personality: who must be turning in his grave as we speak. Pity. Hmmm, Oman Ghana eyeasem o – asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

Source: Modern Ghana