WASHINGTON DC– Ghana’s President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has been presented with the Exemplary Leadership Award for his visionary and inspirational leadership on the African continent by the Africa Society for the National Summit on Africa; Corporate Council on Africa; Invest Africa USA; US Chamber of Commerce; US-Africa Business Centre, Africare; and the Whitaker Group.

The award, which was presented to him here over the weekend by Rosa Whitaker, Chief Executive officer of the Whitaker Group at gala a dinner night to mark the 15th anniversary of the group, celebrated the president’s holistic management of Ghana’s economy and his institution of realistic and inclusive policies which have set the country on a growth path and boosted the confidence of investors in the country.

A citation presented to him read: May Ghana, under your Administration, be a wonder and inspiration to the world. May the Horizon of every African man and woman be broadened because of your lions ring leadership. May every child believe that he or she can because you lifted them up and paved the way. May your commitment in education and inclusion be remembered in the annals of history. May the world never be the same because you dared greatly and succeeded.”

Tributes from the other organizations which ointly gave him the award, celebrated President Akufo-Addo’s push for investments and trade, which they held, would incentivize and boost foreign investment in Ghana and Africa.

Everyone recognizes that this is a new era for Africa ….. a lot has to do with leadership. You are a shining example of the leadership in Africa that is making a difference, one tribute to him said.

“The leadership that you’ve shown over the last year in Ghana has proven a real destination for American investment …. and the US Chamber of Commerce couldn’t have found a better partner than the President who has shown that leadership matters in Africa and hopefully what he is doing in Ghana would transcend countless boundaries and all leaders and private sector should look towards Ghana as a potential economic powerhouse,” another tribute said.