Ghanaians has been urged to use non-violence approach to resolve disputes and conflicts.

Mr George Amoh, Director of Programmes, National Peace Council, who made the call, said there is the need to channel all conflicts or dispute through the appropriate authority to resolve amicably.

He said: “it is time we do retrospection to resolve and never to destroy ourselves when it is an election period”.

He was speaking at a day’s peace seminar organized by the National Peace Council (NPC) in collaboration with the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) and the Electoral Commission for party representatives in the Ga South Constituency.

Mr Amoh expressed the hope that the nation would have credible and peaceful elections this year.

He said elections are just transient thing – “they come to meet us and will go and we will continue to live and why should we destroy ourselves”.

He said it pays to stay together and Ghana cannot lose that because as “we have lot of things to show to people out there”.

He also called on the public to trust and respect institutions mandated to carry out democratic exercises to ensure public confidence.

“If you are in opposition and you destroy the institutions put there to govern, tomorrow when you are in government, you will find it difficult to work with same institutions.

“Political parties came to meet us and it is not worth it to lay our lives down for these parties,” he said.

Mr Kwabena Apea Ayeh, Ga South District Electoral Officer, said the EC is holding itself in readiness at all levels to conduct this year’s election peacefully.

He said 13 candidates including four females are contesting the seats in the three constituencies in the Ga South Municipality.

The Constituencies are Bortianor/Ngleshie Amanfro, Weija Gbawe and Obom-Domeabra.

He said out of the 13 contestants, the oldest is 60 years old while the youngest is 30 years old.

Mr Ayeh said the EC has trained its officers to attend to those who do not have their voters identification cards but have their names in the voters register.

He said the EC and the political parties have also agreed at IPAC meeting to use the manual verification form should the Biometric Verification Device (BDV) fail.

“Those who form the queue to vote before five o’clock will be allowed to vote before counting starts,” he said and urged all political parties to educate their members to reduce the number of rejected ballot papers this time.

He said all polling stations would have a back-up BDVs to address any technical failures and urged the public to trust the EC and give it the necessary support to carry out its mandate satisfactorily.

The representatives from National Democratic Congress, National Patriotic Party, PPP and CPP were present at the seminar.