Ghana Let’s Talk-Education at Christmas

Accra, It is exciting times in Ghana’s educational sector as the government of the day has initiated one of the boldest decisions in the sector, since independence or as is often said in the new Ghanaian ‘parlance 60 years on’.

The free Senior High Education initiative began in full swing in September of 2017.

The government, under the leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo must be commended highly for such a bold initiative as the ramifications of the initiative and the eventual outcomes in the years to come, will put Ghana far ahead of many countries in the world.

Though there are teething problems with the initiative, I am confident that the passion and the urgency behind the implementation will definitely find solutions to problems the policy is currently witnessing.

I am also sure that the outcomes in the near future should and will prompt other African Countries to emulate Ghana’s bold example.

Effects of the initiative on the 2017 yuletide?

My suggestion is that the whole nation should TALK-EDUCATION this Christmas in their homes, at parties, in the churches, on the roof tops, in the mosques and even in the slaughter houses.

LETS-TALK-EDUCATION this Christmas is a major clarion call on all and sundry especially family heads, Assembly members, Priests, Chiefs and parents to put the discussion of education on the Christmas menu.

The Christmas season should not be limited to feasting, drinking and giving toffees alone. When Santa sends gifts to homes, the gifts must include; school bags, robotic equipment for children, scientific calculators and interesting reading books that will lift the African image.

This Christmas will be the first vacation for the first beneficiaries of the Free SHS policy. Parents must make sure that counselling becomes part of their activities from now till the end of their three years in school.

How sad will it be, in three years our wards who first benefited would have obtained weak grades such that parents would have to pay for remedial classes.

It will have been a waste of time and money of family and government, so parents must get their wards to read, read and read.

Parents must buy sensible reading books for their wards this Christmas and help them to start planning for excellent outcomes of later years, by minimizing the shoes, clothes, parties, and the junk food, Talk education this Christmas.

Family Heads should consciously assess the educational status of their family members and find out how many members dropped out of school in their families, how many teenage pregnancies occurred, which family members made the family proud educationally by winning awards.

Family members who won awards should celebrate them in a dramatic way by buying educational materials as gifts for the members who won the awards and know that educational excellence will remain the mantra of the family.

Christmas sermons must be laced with calls on all stakeholders to support educational excellence and Bishops and Archbishops should instruct and encourage their parishes to preach education this Christmas to avoid the perennial zero per cent scores that some schools scored in the past

Basic Education Certificate Examinations is at the corner and Community Leaders, Members of Parliament and Kings should set up educational awards to motivate children to break an arm and a leg to get grades worthy of celebration come next Christmas.

Non-Governmental Organisations and Community Based Organisations must organise sports for development events that would put education up for discussion and young people who are benefitting from the new free education will not disappoint their family, community and the nation at large.

Source: Ghana News Agency