Get involved and informed on national issues – Avle

Accra- Mr Bernard Avle, the General Manager of Citi FM, has asked young people to get interested, get involved, and be informed about the national issues to enable them contribute towards building a prosperous country.

He urged students to be abreast with national issues in order to effectively engage in national discussions on topical issues such as the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda, which had transitions into the future.

Mr Avle was speaking at the Youth School on the theme: Attaining Ghana Beyond Aid: The Youth Perspective as part of the 71st Annual New Year Youth School and Conferences (ANYSC).

The ANYSC, which was introduced in 1948 by the School of Continuing and Distance Education of the College of Education, University of Ghana, aims at bringing together people from all walks of life to deliberate on topical issues of national and international interest with speakers drawn from both academia and industry.

The three-day event is being held on the theme: Attaining Ghana Beyond Aid: Prospects and Challenges.

Mr Avle said for Ghana to go beyond aid, it was significant that young people understood how a nation like Ghana worked to better make informed decisions, noting that You can’t be influential if you don’t understand how the world works.

He said there was the need for behavioural shift as young people if Ghana would sustainably go beyond aid because freedom without the needed discipline, would result in a more chaotic situation.

He noted that the average savings rate in Ghana was 15 per cent, saying that there was the need for young people to develop a savings culture and shift from spending almost everything earned towards saving, which leads to investment and availability of resources for development.

Mr Avle said there was the need to prioritise the future over the present, people over possessions, country over political party and consider generations over elections, noting that the best way to invest in the future was to invest in people.

Mrs Aba Quainoo, the Chief Executive Officer of Mel Consult said attitudes to work must change to move beyond aid.

She urged the youth to develop the culture of supporting others to succeed and shy away from destroying what others were building by developing positive attitude towards work.

Mrs Quainoo urged the youth to learn to work as a team and live a purposeful life and focus towards whatever they determined to achieve.

Dr Samuel Tengey from the Centre for Capacity Development, Bank of Ghana said there was the need to transform prison for young offenders into skills/rehabilitation and become centres where they learn trades, produce goods and services, and make money for the state for their upkeep.

He said there was the need for the youth to develop personal characters such as integrity, responsibility and accountability, personal discipline, orientation to the long term, and ethical orientation that would help to make Ghana Beyond Aid achievable and sustainable.

Source: Ghana News Agency