Fabric dealers cashing in on reopening of schools

Accra Dealers in fabrics for uniforms for basic school pupils are making brisk business as a result about by the reopening of schools.

After nine months of COVID-19 shutdown, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, directed that schools reopened amid strict observance of the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Following the announcement, parents of basic school pupils and secondary schools students have been queuing at fabric shops to get new uniforms for their wards.

The GNA spotted long winding queues of people at markets in Accra in search of school uniform material, with some spending hours in the queue.

The high demand caused increase in the price of fabrics, compelling some parents and guardians to move from shops to shops for better deals.

Mr Joseph Wood, a Military Officer, who was in one of the long queues at the Madina Market, told the GNA around 1200 hours, that he had been in the queue since morning and was still waiting for his turn to get served.

He said though there was no social distancing in the queue, he chose to remain in it because the fabric in that shop was of quality and affordable.

Madam Doris Owusuaa, a trader and a parent, who had been served, said though the prices had increased, she had no choice.

Madam Efua Thompson, a dealer in school uniform fabric said, “The prices are no longer the same as it used to be but parents are still patronising and I think because the children have been in the house for long and parents are eager to get them back to school.”

She added that import duties and closure of the borders accounted for the high prices.

Mr James Coffie, a 46-year-old trader said sales went down during the closure of schools, but “fortunately, getting better…”

Meanwhile, stationery dealers are crying of poor business despite the reopening of schools and the need for pupils and students to buy books.

Mr Samuel Odame, Owner of Sammy’s Bookshop at Nima, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said business was still low although some students were back to school with others going soon.

Isaac Kwame Ampofo, Owner of GoodNews Bookshop, said the market for the stationery business had gone down since the nationwide lock-down.

He said they had incurred a lot of loses due to the close-down of schools in the country and called for support from government.

Source: Ghana News Agency