Does Anas’ Tiger Eye PI’s Modus Operandi Conform to InternationalStandards?

What is an investigation, to start with? Investigation is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as “the act or process of examining a crime, problem, statement, etc. carefully, especially to discover the truth” This goes to confirm that a crime must first be committed; a problem must first occur or a statement made, before proceedings of investigations can commence. You don’t start investigations in a void.

When we go into accounting and auditing, you will observe that companies’ accounting books are audited on past records and facts. This means, the facts recorded as having happened which now are a history, are those that the auditors come in to check to ascertain conformity to the records so stated in the accounting books.

Similarly, in all circumstances of criminal investigations, a crime must have been committed or perceived to have been committed before an investigation can begin. One can openly or secretly be investigated if he/she has committed a crime or is suspected of a crime. Prevention of crime is different from investigation of crime.

What was Anas with his Tiger Eye PI team doing? Were they embarked on crime prevention or they were investigating committed acts of corruption by certain officials or persons of interest?. From all his facts and video evidence presented to the public, he was conducting investigations into committed or suspicious acts of corruption by those persons that he allegedly investigated.

Be that as it may, I will like the public to understand that what Anas, his team of Tiger Eye PI and their enlisted supporters like Mr Malik Kweku Baako and Anas’ lawyer, the so-called Criminal Law lecturer at the University of Ghana, did, were not investigations at all but deliberate acts to perpetrate corruption to not only enrich themselves but also, to gain cheap fame and power.

Let the public understand that it is illegal to mount cameras in workplace areas which fall under the actual offices one is sitting to work, inside restaurants where people are eating and on toilets overlooking the urinals and toilet seats. Contrarily doing that will amount to invading one’s privacy which when reported to the responsible authority, whoever put up those cameras will be dealt with by the law. Cameras can be mounted in walkways (Corridors), warehouses, shop floors etc. to detect and prevent crimes.

From the above little explanation given, how is Anas with his Tiger Eye PI justified if indeed he mounted secret cameras in the hotel room of Kwesi Nyantakyi in Dubai? What were they trying to find out? If Kwesi Nyantakyi was suspected of drug dealing and was being shadowed, yes, his room could secretly be wired onto listening devices and cameras. Thus, his room could be bugged. Assuming that was the case, was it the duty of Anas and his criminal company to do such a job in Dubai? Who were they doing it for? Was it for the Dubai government or monarchy?

In the same country, Anas and his Tiger Eye PI are on recorded video to have arranged to give money gifts to two Ivorian Government Ministers in the hope of the Ministers arranging the Ivorian President Alassane Dramane Ouattara to meet Anas and his criminals. The impersonating Sheik from Dubai, erroneously continuously referred to the Ivory Coast President as the Prime Minister of Ivory Coast. The Sheik was doing this in the purported belief that he could invest in Ivory Coast.

Does arranging to meet Government Ministers in Dubai away from their home country with the camouflaged objective of a business tycoon Sheik setting up businesses in the Ministers’ home country a sin? Was it not the Sheik who in the video was obliging the Minister to put the money in his pocket as a personal gift from him? If after parting with the money-gift which in the first place does not constitute a bribe, did the fake Sheik proceed to the Ivory Coast to begin the processes of investing in the country? If he had, and by the fact that he offered the Ministers money, they had facilitated the processes for him to cut corners to gain contracts or invested in the country, then they could be accused of wrongdoing.

However, the Sheik or Anas and his criminals never made any attempts to proceed to invest in Ivory Coast but were quick to accuse the Ministers of involvement in acts of corruption. Where are the acts of corruption that they committed? I cannot see them in the original unedited videos Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) is putting out in the public domain.

Similarly, why was Kwesi Nyantakyi invited to Dubai before Anas could prove Nyantakyi’s acts of corruption? Prior to inviting him to Dubai, had Nyantakyi committed any acts of corruption or was he suspected of corrupt practices? If he had or was suspected of corruption, who contracted Anas and his Tiger Eye PI to investigate him? Was it the government or the President of Ghana or another high ranking member of the Ghana Football Association (GFA)? Why could Anas not start his investigations of Kwesi Nyantakyi in Ghana where if any at all, the corrupt practices against him might have started, but in Dubai? Was the partner-in-crime, the Sheik, not trying to prove that he seriously wanted to invest in GFA?

Going back to what is an investigation and how and when it should be conducted.

A criminal act or a suspected crime must first have been committed. When one has committed a crime of say, taking bribes or embezzling funds, first arrange to get to know his bank accounts. Which banks does he save with both home and abroad? How much deposits has he in the accounts and when were such deposits made? How does he transfer monies and to who? Could the person under investigation genuinely acquire those monies and properties going by his genuine monthly earnings?

If a person is suspected of drug dealing, investigate his background, the social circles he affiliates with, monitor his movements and then place secret cameras in his room or office etc. If a person is suspected of a crime, either of murder or noted for stealing things from a particular area, you can plant secret cameras to catch him. However, to set people up by cajoling them to accept money from you as personal gift, then secretly recording them, editing the recordings to put them out as the person having taken a bribe is not an investigation but a criminal plot by those doing the recording, in this case, Anas and his Tiger Eye PI.

Simply put, Anas has failed Ghana and his international admirers. Little did anyone know that he is a criminal in quest of acquiring quick buck and assets through fraud.

For the sake of better understanding by readers, please read how the British police bugged the homes and cars of the suspected murderers of Stephen Lawrence in London.

To conclude, Anas is not an investigator of international repute as is contrarily alleged by many a Ghanaian. He is a criminal who sets his targets up, entraps them, records them, edits the recordings to suit his criminal agenda. He blackmails them and then charges them huge sums of money to drop his bogus findings against them.

Anas must be a gentle to come out with or without his beaded-facial mask to say sorry. He must accept his wrongdoings and pleads for reconciliation. It takes a gentleman to say sorry if they become aware of their wrongdoing.

He should not dare play blame games with the death of his co-conspirator Ahmed Hussein-Suale. He must accept full responsibility of Ahmed’s death in any manslaughter charge for engaging him to assist him dupe innocent people. That notwithstanding, the true murderers must be found to face the full rigours of the law.

Kweku Baako had better not muddy his tattered image any further through the publication of stories defending and exonerating Anas from any blame. Is it how investigations are done the way Anas does his? If yes, then it is only in the “Ghana dee saa” Ghana.

The truth will always out no matter how long it takes. Anas never dreamt that there was going to be a day when all his secrets and stupid unedited investigatory recordings will be made public. Shame on him, “a journalist of international repute” Those that he has blackmailed and swindled, must start suing him for damages and the restitution to them of whatever he has criminally taken from them or deprived them of.

Source Modern Ghana