Death is inevitable; I’ll embrace it when it comes – Akrobeto bares teeth at doom prophets

Popular Kumawood actor and television show host Akwasi Boadi, known widely as Akrobeto has gone on rampage against some fake prophets in the country.

In one of the “Real News” editions on Accra-based UTV, the comic actor played a video in which a certain man of God was prophesying death over his life on a radio program.

The self-acclaimed prophet is heard saying the filmmaker may die in a vehicle accident because a certain person who doesn’t want him alive has arranged to kill him prematurely.

In reaction, the actor blasted him and described him as a fake man of God who was only trying to instil fear in him against travelling while his job requires a lot of travel.

Even if the prophecy is real, Akrobeto said he will embrace it and see it as one of the benefits that come with his faith as a Christian because everyone will die eventually.

“He revealed categorically that,” I’m not afraid of death …Such prophecies have no effect on me…death is something we all are going to experience at some point in our lives… I’m not afraid to die….You have nothing…You’ve seen nothing,” he said on his show.

Akrobeto indicated that he only believes in his spiritual father, Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka, who has always advised him to focus on his work and ignore false prophecies.

Source: Modern Ghana