CSO’s urged to organise general assembly to fight corruption

Accra- Professor Kwame Karikari, the Dean School of Communication Studies, Wisconsin International University, has called on Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) to organise a national assembly to develop strategies that will aid in the fight against corruption in the country.

He said the challenges CSO’s face concerning the fight against corruption was many and complex and it was important that these institutions develop an independent framework for engaging in their activities against corruption.

Professor Karikari made the call at a national feedback, learning and sharing forum organised by the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) with support from Star-Ghana in Accra.

The forum, which was also used to provide details of its previous dialogue meeting with the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary, was aimed at encouraging CSO’s take the needed steps to formulate strategies to keep the struggle against corruption going.

It was also to renew and build upon on-going efforts and increase the capacity of CSOs to motivate citizens to demand transparency and accountability from government, policy makers and institutions.

He said the proposed national meeting is necessary as it would allow the various CSO’s come up with the challenges obstructing their activities in fighting against corruption in the country and draw strategies and an action plan to this effect.

The corruption canker is increasingly disturbing and the anti-corruption institutions and campaigners have to adopt series of methodologies to fight the challenge.

Professor Karikari said CSOs have so much on their agenda and there is the need to strengthen the anti-corruption system to involve the stakeholders in the fight against corruption.

Dr Oduro Osae, a Local Governance Expect, said the fight against corruption was not an easy task, hence the need to continually fight to bring the situation under control as it was affecting the nation’s development.

He said the fight against corruption could not be achieved if there is no proper decentralisation of anti-corruption institutions at the local level, adding that this has become more urgent now because of the upcoming interventions government has put in place.

Dr Osae called on CSOs to strategies, position themselves well and come up with policies that would enable them engage people at the top to fight corruption.

Dr Franklin Oduro, Deputy Director, CDD-Ghana, also called for deepening decentralisation saying, the more people open up the space the more opportunities to get to deal with the fight against corruption.

He said CSOs have become a bit relaxed in certain sectors of the economy, hence the need to mobilise across the country to push government to be accountable.

Source: Ghana News Agency