COVID-19 global statistics

Accra- The total cases of COVID-19 worldwide as at Friday, 13:21 GMT, stands at 254,682, with 10,442 deaths, however 89,071 have recovered.

There was at the time a total of 155,119 active cases, out of which 147,653 representing 95 per cent were classified as mild condition and 7,466 (5 per cent) were serious or critical, but 99,583 had an outcome which include 10,447 deaths (10 per cent) and 89,136 (90 per cent) recoveries and discharge.

The COVID-19 is affecting 183 countries and territories around the world and one international conveyance (the Diamond Princess Cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan).

Data from the, indicate that countries including Spain, Italy, Iran, United States of America, the Netherlands and Ghana, were still recording new high infections and deaths.

Spain’s current statistics for instance, showed a total of 19,980 COVID-19 cases, of which 1,903 were new infections, 171 new deaths bringing the total deaths to 1,002, however 1,588 have recovered, while 17,390 were still active with 939 of them being in serious conditions.

Iran also had a total recorded cases of 19,644 of which 1,237 were new infections, 149 new deaths bringing its total death toll to 1,433, while 12,232 were still active, but 5,979 have recovered.

The Netherlands had a total of 2,994 cases, 534 new cases, 30 new deaths bringing the total death rate to 106, two recoveries and 2,886 active cases with 45 in critical condition.

The United States of America has recorded a total 14,372, with 583 new cases, 11 new deaths bringing the total number of persons who have died from COVID-19 to 218, with 125 recoveries, 14, 029 active cases and 64 in critical condition.

In Africa, Ghana on Friday, recorded five new cases of COVID-19, bringing its total confirmed figures of persons infected with the disease to 16, however eight of them have recovered, and no death recorded.

The COVID-19 epidemic is spreading very fast across the African region, and the next few weeks would be crucial for its population, therefore the public have been advised to practice social distancing, adhere to hygiene practices such as handwashing with soap under running water or use of alcohol-based hand rubs, and drink lot of water.

Persons who felt sick, coughing, sneezing with running nose, must protect others by properly disposing off used tissues and report immediately to health facilities, to present further spread of the disease.

Source: Ghana News Agency