Colombia has a lot to share with Ghana in conflict prevention-Colombian Ambassador

Accra- Colombia has a lot to share with Ghana, regarding preventing armed political conflict through sustained dialogue, Madam Claudia Turbay Quintero, Colombian Ambassador to Ghana said on Tuesday.

This, she noted was because after more than fifty years of political conflict in Colombia, the country has been able to implement peace deals effectively.

Madam Claudia Turbay Quintero, Colombian Ambassador to Ghana, said this in Accra on Tuesday at a program dubbed, “A Colombia-Ghana Conversation on Democracy and Development-Ending Armed Conflict through Sustained Dialogue in Colombia : Lessons for Ghana.”

Touching on lessons from Colombia that were relevant to Ghana, Madam Quintero said seeking peaceful dialogue, required effective collaboration between opposing sides.

She said the political leadership also needed the utmost trust and respect of the citizenry, for negotiations towards peace to be effective, adding that the leadership needed to be seen as being for freedoms and rights of the people.

Madam Quintero said it was important to create an atmosphere in which truth was easily determined so that people were not deprived of their human rights.

Professor Arlene Tickner, Faculty of Political Science, Government and International Relations, Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Columbia, said there was the need to consciously build a political culture that completely prohibited political violence during elections.

Prof. Tickner said she believed that building such a culture, served the peace building process better than adopting harsh enforcement methods.

Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey, Executive Director of the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG), said although Ghana was enjoying a reasonable measure of peace at the moment, the country had experienced its own share of political violence in the past.

He said it was possible to learn from Colombia’s experience, and ensure that the peaceful political atmosphere in Ghana, did not ever escalate beyond a certain level.

The programme, an initiative of IDEG, sought to promote political peace and stability through dialogue in Ghana.

Source: Ghana News Agency