Clergyman calls for the teaching of safety in schools

Accra,The Reverend Daniel Nii Teiko Tackie, Resident Pastor of the Pentecost International Worship Centre, has called on the heads of educational institutions to introduce the teaching of safety measures in their schools.

He said this would help forestall preventable disasters and accidents which has claimed the lives of many and destroyed properties.

Rev. Tackie, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency about the recent gas explosion at Atomic Junction which claimed seven lives with hundreds injured, urged the regulatory bodies to ensure the strict compliance of safety measures to avoid disasters.

He called for the strict enforcement of the law banning smoking in public and the setting up of fires in unapproved places adding that individuals should be safety conscious I their homes and premises to avoid preventable disasters.

Rev. Tackie advised drivers to desist from driving under the influence of alcohol as the law expressly forbids the act.

He urged them to maintain their vehicles regularly and to abide by the road traffic regulations to ensure safety on the roads.

Rev. Tackie advised the youth to eschew all negative tendencies such as hooliganism, drug abuse, alcoholism and all forms of sexual promiscuity and rather focus on peace and unity for national development and progress.

He called on the political parties to inculcate the spirit of peace and harmony in their followers since Ghanaians are one people with a common destiny.

Source: Ghana News Agency