ACCRA, Canada is working with Ghana to spearhead a global partnership to build pragmatic, comprehensive systems to plan and manage migration to become safe, orderly and beneficial to all stakeholders around the world, says the Canadian Minister of Migration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed D. Hussen.

He said in an interview with the Ghana news Agency (GNA) over the weekend that he was visiting Ghana to engage government officials, civil society groups and other relevant groups to find common ground and share experiences for this cause.

The United Nations expects countries to dialogue and develop positive synergies towards the adoption of the Global Compact on Safe, Regular and Orderly Migration at its conference to be held in September, 2018.

Hussen said it was very important for nations to urgently engage one another to develop a successful and workable compact so that the criminal enterprises in migration would be eliminated to safeguard the well-being of the vulnerable. Canada, he added, wanted all 193 countries, which had committed themselves to the Compact on Sept 16, 2016, to work hard towards meeting the deadline.

The issue of migration, he emphasized, was as important today as before and deserved topmost attention. I think right now, there are more people on the move than at any other time since the Second World War, he stated. “There’re more than 60 million migrants moving, of which 24 million are refugees and 40 million are internally displaced people.

Migration is as old as humanity, people will always move, the question is how do you manage the challenge? That’s why it is important for countries to share experiences and develop common positions on, for instance, how to treat children, who are the most vulnerable or to undercut criminal gangs.

Migration, Hussen said, should also become beneficial to both source and host countries as legal migrants contributed to taxes, filled labour gaps with their talents and skills and enriched their host communities with their diverse values of humanity.