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$BioFi Safeguards Your Personal data while Leveraging the Blockchain and Decentralized Web 3.0 services

WELDON SPRING, MO / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2022 / Biometric Financial (BioFi), an innovative ecosystem and Providence Software Solutions – South Africa, owner of the Mobile Pay digital wallet announce today that Providence will become a New Provider in the Biometric Financial ecosystem. The New Provider relationship will allow Providence to offer the BioFi biometrics within its digital wallet, across all of its existing customers, and to all potential new customers, while supporting accelerated adoption of the $BioFi token.

Providence will integrate the BioFi biometrics into the Mobile Pay digital wallet, and showcase this solution in South Africa, the Middle East, and throughout India, engaging hundreds of corporate customers, who themselves have the ability to become Providers in the Biometric Financial ecosystem.

Providence provides direct access to over 100 companies, with a combined community size of 20+ million users across South Africa, the Middle East, and throughout India.

The BioFi biometric solution will be utilized to authenticate customers on the various products that Providence manages as part of its service provider relationships. The $BioFi token will be utilized as the method of payment for authentication services.

Providence applications will also be pre-loaded on the Phenix X1 smartphone which will allow for expanded usage wherever the smartphone is sold across the regions where Providence is active. The UniSafeBox password manager and Krptic wallet will be included in the lineup of solutions that Providence can offer during customer engagements. Providence will also be engaged with the BioFi ecosystem to innovate around immersive experiences with the metaverse for corporate clients and their customers.

The BioFi project represents a Utility Token and a secure set of solutions that leverages biometric security to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) products and services riding on the blockchain. The Phenix X1 smartphone is designed with a highly secure area to protect against fraudsters and to ensure security when running financial apps, transacting online, mining cryptocurrencies, and storing digital assets. UniSafeBox combines biometric encryption technology with blockchain hashing algorithms to secure passwords and a wide array of personal sensitive information.

The Providence engagement philosophy centers around high-end design solutions that leverage the latest and most innovative software and technology. Over the past five years Providence has successfully delivered over a hundred projects in various markets, while providing custom solutions in web applications as well as mobile applications, and providing managed services to valued clients.

Brian Maw, CEO and Co-Founder of Finnovant, Inc., stated, “We are very excited to be working with Prabhakar and Providence Software Solutions as a new Provider in the BioFi ecosystem, where we will offer joint solutions in high growth regions of the world, utilizing the user-friendly biometrics and the $BioFi token – This allows us to secure critical customer data and provide helpful Utility to every person.”

Providers of the BioFi ecosystem can integrate easily with biometric API’s, highlighting the unique utility advantage that the entire service can bring.  The Biometric Financial website showcases many examples of utility currently available or in development, while providing services to tens of thousands of users globally.

BioFi is truly global in nature, not bound by a single language or territory, and designed to be user friendly with the added benefit of helping people feel more secure as access is tied to them individually.

Biometric Financial website:  https://biometricfinancial.org/home/

“In line with our founding values, we know that our customers’ business matters to them, therefore it matters to us. With this in mind we share the same values as Finnovant, where the focus is on the customer,” says Prabhakar Manikonda, Executive Director at Providence Software Solutions – South Africa. “Our Provider relationship with the BioFi ecosystem will help us provide the greatest Utility to our customers with amazing biometric security, while supporting new customer acquisition models with such innovative solutions that improve ease of use.”


Finnovant Inc. was founded with the vision of helping business leaders dramatically improve the way they interact with their critical information and customers. Our focus is on developing emerging technologies with secure blockchain solutions in the areas of Financial Services, Governance, IoT, Healthcare, and more and improving digital security for our customers. Finnovant provides biometric authentication which helps thwart Identity Theft and Fraud.

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