Bawumia Has Taken Good Steps In Promoting Strong Inter-Religious Relationships In Ghana

Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana has taken a good step to promote strong inter-religious relationships between Christians and Muslims in Ghana, which we think it is a good move by him as a leader.

When you look at the Relationship between Islam and Christianity, there is more that Unite us than divide us, and it is because we all believe in one God, the God of Adam, the God of Iddris(messenger), the God of Abraham, the God of Joseph, the God of Moses etc.

But many people in the two religions don’t understand the Relationship between the two religions and they are trying to divide the two religions on this earth, but we in Ghana are luckily blessed because we have people like Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu BAWUMIA as our vice president who is a Muslim and understands the concept of the two religions and so is doing all to help maintain the Relationship between the two religions.

After he was sworn in as vice president of this Great Republic he has always been embarking on nationwide Ramadan tour on every Ramadan to share joy with them and also educate them on how the life every Muslim should be. He also does same in the last days of every December in Muslim dominated communities to have interactions with the few Christians in their churches and sometime donate items to them, in such communities.

We, Critical thinkers International- northern Belt will therefore commend the vice president for such an initiative, and also through this means, we are urging all our political leaders and the general public to desist from playing politics with religion but rather help develop ideas to unite the two Abrahamic religions.

Source: Modern Ghana