Armed individuals attack on Bouna-Doropo axis

Bouna- Five individuals armed with Kalashnikovs attacked numerous vehicles on Tuesday around 9:00 pm on the Bouna-Doropo road between the localities of Bromakote and Panzarani, some 15 km from Bouna.

All hooded these thugs some brandished machetes, have for thirty minutes scrutinized all vehicles passing on this stretch, stripping without qualms men and women aboard these machines.

On Sunday at 6 am four individuals had strafed a massa-type public transport vehicle near Buna with the Kalashnikov, taking with them four million francs.

In the face of this recrudescence of insecurity, the population say that they no longer know which saints to turn to.

According to them, the under-strength of the elements of the gendarmerie and the absence of rolling gear to carry out their missions, are real factors that make such misconduct flourish.

The victims of these recent attacks questioned by the AIP have all launched a plea to the government for the purpose of strengthening the operational capabilities of the police of Bouna including those of the gendarmerie brigade to no longer have revived such “nightmares on the roads”.

Source: Ghana News Agency