AMA solicits views for medium term development plan

Accra, The 10 sub-metros of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) on Monday engaged community members to solicit their views for the preparation of the 2018-2021 Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP.)

Mr Richard K. Oduro, the Director of the AMA Development Planning Unit led a team to visit Ayawaso Central, Ayawaso East and Ayawaso West during the Town Hall meetings which was attended by 150 participants at each sub-metro.

The meetings are on the theme Community Engagement for the Preparation of 2018-2021 MTDP

The community members who participated include Members of Parliament, traditional authorities, assembly members, sub-metro chairpersons and directors, and unit committee members/counsellors.

The engagement took the form of presentations, discussions and plenary sessions.

Some of the topics the meetings looked at were revenue performance of the sub-metros from 2013-2017; status implementation of projects and programmes, identification of problems and challenges affecting the sub-metros, suggestions of practical solutions to address identified problems, among others.

Mr Oduro in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said the National Development Planning Commission was preparing a Long Term National Development Policy Framework (LTNDPF) spanning 2018-2057.

He said the LTNDPF would be implemented through a series of ten four-Year Medium Term Development Plans (MTDPs) and that the first would be undertaken from 2018 to 2021.

He said in accordance with sections 1(2-4), 11 of the National Development Planning (System) Act 1994 (Act 480), Sections 1 to 13 of the National Development Planning (System) Regulations, 2016, LI 2232, Sections 83(1a-h), 3, 4) and 86 (1-4) of the Local Governance Act, 2016 Act 939, the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies were to prepare the District Medium Term Plans.

Mr Oduro said the development planning system recognised community participation as an essential and integral part of effective development planning, hence the Town Hall meeting to solicit the needs and aspirations of community members.

He said the meeting offers the citizenry the opportunity to be part in decision-making.

Source: Ghana News Agency