80 countries participate in Ministerial Roundtable

FMF strengthens the Kingdom’s leadership in enabling the Super Region to contribute to the metals industries of the future

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Future Minerals Forum (FMF) announced today that its Ministerial Roundtable, due to be held on 9 January 2024, ahead of the third edition of the Forum, is set to break attendance records. Of the eighty countries so far confirmed to attend, more than forty-five will be sending ministers to take part in discussions with stakeholders in this one meeting, in addition to 20 official international organizations, 30 non-governmental organizations and 13 business associations.

As the highest level gathering on minerals in the world, the Roundtable represents a historic turning point for the global mining and metals sector, the contribution of the Super Region extending from Africa to West and Central Asia, and the Kingdom’s leadership role in this sector and region.

The Ministerial Roundtable is a government-led multi-stakeholder initiative created by Saudi Arabia to enhance international cooperation on producing critical minerals involved in transforming the energy sector. The meeting comes when the mineral sector faces unprecedented challenges driven by the increasing demand for energy transition minerals and metals, where all countries are racing to secure stable supply chains.

Furthermore, the Ministerial Roundtable promotes the importance of collaboration to address this anticipated global challenge.

H.E. Vice-Minister for Mining Affairs, Khalid Al-Mudaifer, highlighted that the number of ministers who had confirmed their attendance at the Roundtable reflects the political and economic weight of the Kingdom and the increasing importance of minerals in recent years, this level of attendance demonstrates that FMF has established itself as a leading global platform for shaping the future of minerals. H.E. stated, “High-level government representation, from countries producing and consuming minerals, means that governments from across the world are now aware of minerals’ importance, as they seek to secure reliable supply chains for them. This is especially relevant to the strategic minerals that are essential to energy transformation programs and projects, and related industries.”

The Roundtable will include discussion of the competition that the metals market is witnessing at international level and how to create room for countries, in the midst of this competition, to reach agreement between themselves.

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