Hisense TV en tête des ventes sur le marché chinois pour la 14e année consécutive

PÉKIN, 12 janvier 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Selon les derniers chiffres publiées par CMM, à la fin de 2017 Hisense TV reste leader tant au niveau du volume que de la valeur au détail pour la 14e année consécutive en Chine. Le volume de ventes de Hisense TV a atteint 16,79 %. Et la valeur au détail de Hisense TV a atteint 17,96 % sur le marché chinois, soit 26,5 % plus que la marque à la deuxième place.

Sur le marché international, les résultats de Hisense TV sont encore plus brillants. Selon les informations publiées par le service chinois des douanes, les exportations de Hisense TV ont augmenté de 30,8 % en glissement annuel, à la fin novembre 2017, un chiffre supérieur à la moyenne du secteur. De janvier à octobre 2017, la part de marché de Hisense TV a atteint 22,4 % en Afrique du Sud et 19,6 % en Australie pour se placer premier localement.

Sur un marché des téléviseurs qui connaît une concurrence féroce, Hisense refuse de suivre la tendance de remettre en cause la qualité et les prix. La marque préfère au contraire insister sur l’innovation technologique et les standards de grande qualité. Grâce à des efforts soutenus dans des produits innovants et différentiés tels que les téléviseurs 4K laser, les U9 ULED et le système d’intelligence artificielle VIDAA, Hisense gagne encore davantage de parts de marché. Selon le rapport de CMM, la télévision 55 pouces 4K de Hisense se trouve à la première place de la liste de ventes de téléviseurs en Chine. En outre, Hisense a gagné 4 placés dans le Top 20 et la marque est devenue l’étoile la plus brillante dans la liste d’honneur.

Hisense TV sales leads China market for 14 consecutive years

BEIJING, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — According to the latest data from CMM, Hisense TV ranked No.1 on both retail value and volume for 14 consecutive years in China by the end of 2017. The retail volume of Hisense TV has reached 16.79%. And the retail value of Hisense TV achieved 17.96% in Chinese market, which is significantly more than the brand in second place by 26.5%.

In the international market, Hisense TV performed even better. According to China’s Customs data, Hisense TV’s exports were up to 30.8% YoY by the end of November, 2017, which was way above industry average. From January to October 2017, the unit share of Hisense TV was up to 22.4% in South Africa and reached 19.6% in Australia, ranked first locally.

Against the backdrop of fierce competition in the TV market, Hisense refuses to follow the trend of competing at compromising on quality and price. Instead, Hisense insists on technology innovation and high-quality standards. Through continuous efforts in innovative and differentiated products such as 4K laser TV, U9 ULED TV and VIDAA artificial intelligence system, Hisense is gaining more and more market share. According to CMM’s report, Hisense’s 55-inch 4K TV has won the first in the annual TV sales list in China. Besides, Hisense has gained 4 places in the top 20 list and has become the brightest star in the honor list.

With N14b on offer, Western Lotto raises stakes with Powerball Max

LAGOS, Nigeria, Jan. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gaming and entertainment firm Western Lotto Nigeria Limited has raised the stakes in the gaming business in Nigeria with the introduction of Powerball Max, one of the latest games in the franchise.

Powerball Max, a US lottery, offers winnings of up to N14b ($26,000,000.00). Western Lotto Nigeria Limited is the official partner of the lottery.

Powerball is the wealthiest lottery in the world, offering an N562billion jackpot. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday in the US or Thursday and Sunday Nigerian time.

The Managing Director of Western Lotto Nigeria Limited, Mr Yomi Ogunfowora, said the gamers on the platform could tap into the nine ways through which to win prizes. Jackpots never fall below N14billion at any given time. Winners share from a large pot.

According to him, Western Lotto added the Powerball Max to its rich bouquet of games in line with its pledge “to bring world-class entertainment to Nigerians”.

Participation in the Powerball Max cost only N200 per game.

The frontline gaming platform allows Nigerians the opportunity to play and win millions of dollars offered by other renowned games like Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot and the UK Lotto.

Ogunforowa said: “We are committed to bringing undiluted world-class entertainment and this is a major one for us. For someone to participate directly in these international games is a huge opportunity. Nigerians are intelligent and fun-loving. Hopefully, the world will soon celebrate a jackpot winner in this country.”

He disclosed that over 18,000 gamers had won different cash prizes at www.westernlotto.comincluding Dorcas Nwagbara, who won N15million in September 2017.

“Our platform is synonymous with winnings. We have had people win N100, 000 N500, 000, N1million and other mouth-watering cash prizes. Last September, a graduate of Imo State University, Dorcas Nwagbara, won N15million.

“We have many other games on our portal, including the fast-paced Lotto Race game where you win by the minutes. We are giving Nigerians a platform to better their lives,” Ogunfowora added.

Arinze Asiegbunam, Brand Management

For additional information or enquiries, please contact:

  1. Arinze Asiegbunam, Western Lotto, on 0706 335 7113
  2. Chido Nwakanma, Blueflower Limited, 08037231111 or 08126474335

Provision of Vessels by Indigenous Contractors: Total Reaffirms Commitment to due process and Zero Tolerance for Corruption

LAGOS, Nigeria, Jan. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Following a petition from the Indigenous Vessels Operators Association of Nigeria to the Senate Committee on Local Content, Total Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI) and National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) attended a meeting with the Senate Committee on Local Content on the 9th of January at which TUPNI and NAPIMS provided clarification on an ongoing call for tender for the provision of support vessels.

Following this Senate Committee meeting, some media articles reported allegations of bribery and potential conflict of interest in the contracting process.

Total Upstream Nigeria Limited wishes to state that it has strict Conflict of Interest and Compliance policies. Total Upstream Nigeria Limited also wishes to state that it rejects all forms of bribery and corruption.

Total Upstream Nigeria Limited and its partners remain committed to the development of Nigerian Content and will continue to maintain strong and steadfast partnerships with the Nigerian government, NNPC and indigenous companies in developing the country’s hydrocarbon industry.


For further information, contact:
Charles Ebereonwu
External Relations Manager
Tel:+234 (0) 807 017 7248,
Mobile: +234 (0) 703 413 0525
E-mail: Charles.ebereonwu@total.com

Bongo Proposes Clay Factory under One-District One-Factory.

Bongo (U/E), The Bongo District Assembly in the Upper East Region has proposed the construction of a clay factory under the one-district one-factory policy programme as part of activities to spin government’s plans to industrialize the economy.

The factory, which would produce roofing sheets, cement, bricks and other building materials would also promote and enhance pottery works which the district is noted for as well as create employment.

The factory would be situated at the Balungu community near Bongo.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr Peter Ayinbisa, District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bongo said the government’s main objective was to pursue an industrialisation regime to ensure a robust economy to create employable jobs to absorb most of the unemployed youth.

He said the clay factory initiative was an ideal measure to reduce the poverty situation in the district, since when established would employed many people in the district as well as check migration of the youth to urban centres and cities.

The One-District One-Factory Policy that the government will be embarking on will see a clay factory being constructed. The factory will produce items including building materials, but the most important thing will be to create jobs and create an environment to improve livelihoods among the people of this district.

He said the land for the factory covers areas in Balungu, Amanga and Gorigo communities with the large portions of the land in Balungu.

The DCE added that the Assembly would construct a rock factory known as the Zorko Rocks Project in the Zorko community to promote stone-quarry, and said that factory would further engage the youth in gainful employment.

Mr Ayinbisa noted that the roads in the district were in bad state and needed facelift to ensure the smooth operation of the factory.

He saithe District losses huge revenue as result of the bad nature of the roads because vehicles were compelled to use the Paga roads instead of passing through Bongo to Bolga and recalled series of accidents that resulted in fatalities.

While identifying roads linking Bongo, Balungu, Namoo, Zorko and Vea as well as roads from Yorigo eye clinic to Bongo-Bogrego to be worked on, the MCE told the GNA that his outfit had healthy engagements with the Upper East Regional Minister, the Department of feeder roads under the Ministry of Roads and Highways and said the roads have been advertised for potential contractors to make their proposals available for consideration.

He added, Work will start on the roads by March 2018 as soon as the contract is awarded. I only hope that the contract will be given to a very competent and serious contractor to work on them as fast as possible.

Mr Ayinbisa advised the youth to desist from alcoholism and over speeding which he said were major causes of road accidents in the district. He appealed to the constituents to embrace the factory projects to be rolled out this year to help create employment, enabling environment for potential investors and to improve on the lives of the people.

Source: Ghana News Agency